lunedì 30 settembre 2013

Celidonia's Fairy Courses

Celidonia's Fairy Courses come back next 26 October at Rome, at long last, at "Insieme per il Trullo" association!

We'll start with "The Little Bell Fairy", do you remember her? She was the first of my new Simple Fairies and her silvery bell sound was the beginning of a new fairy melody! :)
Please, attention: limited number courses and necessary early enrollment.
Write to me at celidoniastudio [at] or to "Insieme per il Trullo" at insieme_trullo [at] for information or... ring a fairy bell and the Little Fairy'll appear! ;)

venerdì 27 settembre 2013

Celidonia's Fairies come back to Hobby Show with ADMI

After some years of absence, Celidonia's Fairies come back to Hobby Show, the fair of creativity that will be next October in Rome, at ADMI stand. ADMI is the Italian Miniature and Dollshouse Association and it will be in the Rome fair edition for the first time.

Dreaming Baby Fairy
ADMI miniaturists will teach with wonderful short workshops, all professional and high-level courses, and this little Fairy is mine :) I named her  "Pink Dream Fairy", because it seems she was dreaming just pink dreams... But I hope my students will not send to sleep, sculpting her! ;)
She and me wait for you next October 11-12-13 at Hobby Show in Rome!

martedì 24 settembre 2013

Welcome Autumn Baby Fairy has a Play-Display!

The Little Fairy has her play-display! :)

Autumn Baby Fairy
It's a bit of Autumn land, with its colours, and and little tree, with a leaf that hang from its branch.

Autumn Baby Fairy
It's not so fair as her Old Tree in the Wood, but I hope she likes it

Autumn Baby Fairy
And I hope it's a comfortable place to stay, while she visits the Human World.

OOAK Baby Fairy with Autumn Leaf
She played wht the leaf all the time, this night

OOAK Baby Fairy with Autumn Leaf
And now she sleeps, dreeming her beloved Wood.

OOAK Baby Fairy with Autumn Leaf
She'll wake up soon...

OOAK Baby Fairy with Autumn Leaf
And she'll need someone takes her in hand

OOAK Baby Fairy
And takes her to know our world. Would you help her, together with me?

giovedì 19 settembre 2013

While I work at the Fairy Display...

She plays in the wood

Fairy in the Wood
With the first Cyclamen of the Season

Fairy in the Wood
And a shining Berry of Wild Rose!

Fairy in the Wood with a Red Berry

lunedì 16 settembre 2013

Welcome Autumn Fairy

The Leaves are falling in the Wood, and there is a Little Fairy that tries to catch them in full flight... can you see her?

She is an Autumn Fairy, but she is just a baby, so she doesn't paint in gold the Leaves, together her Sisters, she just play with them!

She plays on the more Ancient Tree of the Wood - with his Branches and Soft Moss He take care of her  - but She want to go and see the Human World...

So I'm creating a play-display for her, so that she doesn't feel too alone and she'll always plays with her favourite Leaf... I'll post new pictures soon!

giovedì 5 settembre 2013

After the Rain

In the Wood after the Rain...

rainy leaf
 each Leave is adorned with Pearls...

rainy leaf jewel in polymer clay
 and each Ear, each Stem and little Blade too...

rainy ear
It's a Rain Fairies's Spell... that are whispering:

rainy grass jewel in polymer clay
"Summer, get ready, Autumn is just behind the Hill..."